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The steel structure industry mainly includes equipment steel structure: special architecture, equipment framework and supports (such as cement kiln end and power and communication tower racks), boiler steel rack (electric boiler and other boiler tower racks), special equipment tower rack (petroleum pipeline, ocean platform, port equipment and chemical equipment), etc.


As the governing unit of Chinese welding association, Huawei provides technical and equipment support for the educational institutions at home and abroad with its abundant resources and leading welding technology. Huawei oxy-fuel/plasma CNC cutting machine adopts the popular configuration and structural ways at home and abroad...


The energy industry includes energy transportation, nuclear power industry, ocean floor drilling, hydroelectric generation, wind power generation and oil storage tank. In this industry, the actual condition of the customer’s work site is complex and the safety standard of this industry is high, thus, our equipment is often specially designed according...


Huawei Welding and Cutting always keep long-term cooperation relationship with leading machinery manufacturers at home and abroad. Our products and technologies assist our customers to keep leading competitive power in the field of manufacturing. Because the manufacturing industry needs oxy-fuel or plasma to cut a great quantity of parts...


The shipbuilding industry includes building aircraft carriers, luxurious cruise ships, large-size cargo ships and large-size fishing vessels etc. Because of high cost of ship and high requirements on safety, the relevant companies have very strict requirements on purchasing the processing equipment. As the supplier of main shipbuilding...